Saturday, September 3, 2011

OOO RAH Wallet

As promised,  here it is.  A green lamb-leather folding wallet.  It measures 6" x 4.25" (approximately).

I considered doing the topstitching to complete it, but after eyeing the thickness in the middle of one side (10 or maybe more layers of inner cotton, 2 layers of padded snap tab, and outer leather layer, doubled because turned in on itself) I decided discretion truly is the better part of valor, finger pressed the edges as much as I could, and called it done.

Debbie suggests using quilting cotton for all layers, and cutting the pattern from three fat quarters.  The Sewing Lawyer has heard this term "fat quarters" before, but not being a quilter, isn't 100% sure what they are and wasn't about to go out and buy fabric for this little item, since there is a fabric supply to last several lifetimes within reach at home.

And the stash came through.  This cunning print, miracle of miracles, coordinated perfectly with the green leather.


Yes, those are chickens.

The wallet has many many pockets for the numerous credit, debit, library and other cards a person seems to need these days.  In addition, there are pockets under the pockets on either side, and a deep pocket opening at the top, which is the full size of the wallet.

The lower right slot has a vinyl insert for your most used ID.

It has a zipper coin pouch at the back.

It's bigger than my last wallet effort.  Maybe surprisingly, they both hold the same stuff.  It's nice to have alternatives, don't you think?

I've stuffed it here, to illustrate.  A person could go shopping.

Good Job, Debbie!  (Click on this link to buy the pattern.)


  1. Very nice! This is very tempting. By the way, a fat quarter is just 1/4 yd. cut so it's only half the fabric width and twice as deep as a normal 1/4 yard. It just gives a more useable piece of fabric.

  2. I love it! I may have to delve into leather making!

  3. Gorgeous!!! Love the chickens too. I've been considering getting her pattern. Knowing that it's possible to make it with leather makes it even more tempting....

  4. What a beautiful version! And I love the whimsy of the chicken lining. :) Very nice!

  5. great job and the chicken fabric works so well with the green leather.

  6. I love the green leather rendition.

    For myself (an only-sometimes-a-quilter), I had a learning burp figuring out why a fat quarter would be better than a 1/4 yd.

  7. Love seeing this in leather. Simply lovely and wonderfully useful.

  8. That is really lovely!

    A metric fat quarter is usually 50cm x 60cm or so. :)

  9. Chickens! If I saw that in a store I would snatch it up.

  10. Great looking wallet. BTW-love the chickens.

  11. Great wallet and fantastic workmanship! I am amused by your chickens.

  12. So much effort went to your wallet and it's wonderful. I hope you enjoy using it. Those chickens cracked me up!